Once in a Blue Moon

New Year's Eve Blue Moon
31 December 2009

2009 ended in the Bay Area with a blue moon obscured by clouds.  After sitting in the cold for a half hour waiting for a chance to capture the moon in all its glory, I gave up, shot what you see here, went inside to warm up, and rang in the new year quietly with traditional noodles, the dog, the cats, Iron Man, and my phone vibrating with a happy new year email from my friend.

My first thoughts of the new year were relatively frivolous.  I contemplated the advantage of being compared with Pepper Potts, rather than the Eve Teschmacher (from Superman) moniker bestowed on me by my boss (he gets to be called Doctor Evil).  First, I love alliteration!  Second, as a villain, Teschmacher is restricted to life underground, while Potts enjoys a relatively normal life. And of course, given that I am the most poorly paid person in comparison to others who do what I do (in his defense, he gave me a chance to manipulate numbers because he could see I was good with them when no one else would hire me because I had no finance/accounting background other than a few classes), I am envious that Tony pays Pepper well enough that she can afford to drive one of those sexy little Audi TT roadsters and well, I really love sexy little roadsters, although I'm more of a Porsche fan.  Yes, my midlife crisis is still in full swing.