Another Year Flies By

Burlingame, CA
August 2008 

Last August, I stared out my office window across the San Francisco bay and saw infinity, a future full of endless possibilities.  What I wanted was attainable, or so I thought.

This year, the office belongs to a different company, the future is hazy at best.  And what I want ... well ... what do I want?  Whatever it is, it lurks, just beyond sight, beyond my grasp.

Somewhere in the past year or two, I forgot more than once that what I desire is not as important as the path I take.  As I finish out this year, two things weigh on my mind:  whether I made the right decisions; and whether I will be able to find my way again, or if it will just become easier to compromise.

In this final week of 2009, I want to take the opportunity to wish all my friends and family a happy, healthy 2010.