More Dreams

Ocean Beach, San Francisco, CA
November 2009

Two and a half years ago, I could only remember two dreams I'd had in my lifetime.  Now, I have two more to add to the list.  Considering my past blissful ignorance of my dreams, to begin remembering them now is unsettling.  Even more disturbing is that the last two dreams occurred within two months of each-other.

Other people seem to be able to remember a chain of events in their dreams, but all I have is a quick snapshot.  In the first dream, I am on the beach with my friend, and we are running hand-in-hand away from something.  In the second, the same friend and I are again on a beach, but this time, he is carrying me and I am crying, not because of him, but because of some other unexplained thing.

I could only conclude that since I have suddenly remembered two dreams that my subconscious wants me to deal with something pressing, so I summoned my google-fu (thanks, Martina, it's a good word!) and found dreammoods.com.  Looking up the recalled elements of the dreams in the Dream Dictionary, I have come up with my own simplified amateur assessment of myself...

I'm avoiding a decision and I feel I am burdening someone, which has created negative emotions in me that I repress when I am awake.  And I am anxious about losing touch with my friend who possesses some quality that I covet, maybe because it will be key to overcoming my indecision.

... my dreams have pretty much stated the obvious, since I have been avoiding job hunting and therefore made myself a burden on my father, who should be enjoying his retirement instead of worrying over whether his kid is going to make it through life okay.  All I can say about this is that it was a good way to waste a few hours of looking for work!