My housemate, Steven, has a dog named Piglet. A couple of months ago, Piglet accidentally bopped Steven in the eye, and it was red and sore for days. This evening, I came home from work, and Steven was cussing and screaming in pain, which is very uncharacteristic of him -- he's a welder and has taken molten metal to skin without a flinch. He'd woken up this morning, and although he doesn't remember Piglet punching him again, his eye had the same issue as before -- redness, irritation, pain. He's been editing a film and he couldn't work on it at all today, because it bothered him so much, AND he said it felt like there was something in there, but neither of us could actually see anything in his eye.

Up until today, I kind of thought of Steven as being unbreakable. Sure, he's been sick and gotten hurt, but he's always internalized everything he was going through, so for me, he's been somewhat of a paragon of strength. Now that he's hurting enough to actually voice his frustration, it's a little scary. He doesn't accept help easily, and even if he did, there's not much I can do anyway. He doesn't have health insurance, can't spare the money to pay for medical care, and is too proud to let me pay for it, so he flat out refused to let me take him to the emergency room. I contemplated cold cocking him and dragging him to see a doctor, but even considering the state he's in, he's still a much better fighter than I am, and tends to defend himself reflexively, so I think that would be a bad idea.