Okay, I'm a Loser

My boss gave the the go-ahead to take PTO next Thursday and Friday for my birthday, and I got a sub to take my class Friday night... and now I have nowhere to go!!! Up until a couple of days ago, I'd been thinking I'd have to work on my birthday. Lobo suggested heading down to Rio, but I kind of don't want to travel that far for just a few days, plus I admit I'm a little insecure about travelling to strange places alone, and whoah, I just looked at prices... a little more than I want to dish out just before having to pay taxes! Well, it was a good idea, Lobo...

My backup plan is to head up to my dad's place in Truckee and get in a day or two of skiing and relaxing a bit, but I'm hoping inspiration will strike me and I won't have to resort to the backup, because I think I'll have to blow the snow out of the driveway when I get there.