Hairy Fishnuts, Everyone!

Here I am lunching in my office, processing payables, updating budget projections, and waiting for a delivery of office supplies. It's the first opportunity I've had to just sit and be a vegetable since eating lunch in the office last Friday! The weekend was much like the last -- plowing through the end-of-year decluttering and mass clean-up, although we had some excitement when a transformer near my house blew Sunday morning, and we lost electricity for an hour and a half. I know this because the sound woke up my housemate. I was out cold and didn't hear a thing. When the electricity came back on, we couldn't connect to the internet. I reset the modem and router and thought everything was hunky dory, but then lost connection to the router. Steven (my housemate) figured out that if we continually renew our dhcp leases, it will work, but that's kind of a pain. I wonder if I changed some setting in the router to make it do that... or if something was partially damaged in the switch or router when the transformer blew. By the way, this, the issues I've been having with my Powerbook, the end-of-year mas cleanup and busy work schedule, have contributed to my not being online much for a couple weeks.

I'm Buddhist and don't formally celebrate Christmas, but did spend part of Christmas day with my dad and his girlfriend. I drove to her place in San Pablo and watched some tv show with my dad. They dropped a guy on some mountain and he had to get down it with only what was in his pack -- a tripod, emergency blanket, a utility knife and a couple other things.

In the evening, I went to a potluck with Steven. His friend Jay's girlfriend, Jessica, is the manager at a bar called the Uptown, and in honor of the 1 year anniversary of James Brown's death, Jessica hosted the Feast of Saint Soul Brutha. Steven made mac & cheese and corn bread. I bought the ingredients, which is more difficult than it sounds, because he sent me specifically to buy Velveeta! I looked in the cheese section... nope. Dairy? Ha! So I had to find a clerk and ask out loud for Velveeta! After he finished laughing, he led me to the correct aisle.

So we went to the potluck and I met Steven's friends, most of whom are involved with an event called the Bike Rodeo -- they create and ride unusual bicycles and do stunts on them. They are also filming a Road Warrior spoof... on bicycles, of course! I was already a little tired from cleaning the house all weekend, then I ate a bunch of food and had a beer (I usually only drink about a quarter of a beer and then my housemate finishes it off for me), then I had a shot of Jamesons... I was snockered. I was only slightly drunk, but I was SO SLEEPY it made it seem like I was drunker than I actually was. When I stood up to walk to the bathroom, a couple of guys sitting at the end of the bar looked pretty amused.

I hope everyone had a nice holiday!