Sick Day

A Turtle Contemplates Life, North Carolina, 2012

I can count the number of days I have been sick enough as to be utterly useless in my whole life on my fingers and still have a few digits left over. Yet here I lie in bed tapping away at my laptop after having effectively spent the whole day in bed.

I've felt generally drained for the past week, although not actually sick other than developing a sore throat within the last couple of days. Then, last night when I got home from work, I was loopy enough to leave the trunk of my car open all night. I have never even left my car unlocked at night, much less open!

I decided to sleep today away, even though I still feel just general fatigue and not sick-sick. So after dropping the car at the mechanic's shop, running to the bank, hanging the laundry and watering the garden, I grabbed a glass of water and passed out, with my ever faithful Piglette snoring right next to me (her foot or leg is hurt, she needs rest, too!). There was a solid three hours of sleep in there, plus another two in semi-sleep, but I still feel drained. Maybe after a good night's sleep I'll be up for work in the morning...