And again...

... I am having internet problems! They are not as bad this time, as my USB modem works with my work computer. But last night, for whatever reason, it decided to stop working with my personal computer. The modem disconnected itself, just as I was responding to a message, and when I tried to reconnect, the terminal software crashed. I rebooted the computer, but the software keeps crashing. I even tried trashing the software and reinstalling to no avail. Maybe there's an obscure script somewhere I forgot to trash that is the cause. Arrgh!

If it weren't for the fact that I have critical files on my Mac, I would have left it at home and just brought my work computer here, but I need it for those. I just upgraded the memory and hard drive in an attempt to make it last a few years longer, but I'll need to buy a new one once I have a stable income again. It might be having problems because it is "technically" not compatible with the modem software, even though it did work for awhile.

Just down the street from my apartment, the European Cup of Racewalking starts at 8:00 tomorrow morning, and goes until evening. I am debating whether I want to check it out. It is a major event, and will probably be good for the town. Racewalking is also governed by the same bodies as Athletics (track & field), so if there is any chance that I will run into someone I know here, this will be it. I have been out of it so long, though, there are not many involved in the sport who would remember me, and the chances any of them would be at this event would be slim. Maybe I'll just take a quick peek in the morning and then hunt for Fort Queuleu.