The first days of spring have been mild and bright, but with a biting chill that picks up in the evenings. I haven't actually been out much to experience either, but I hear that's what the weather's like here!

My sister sent my flight itinerary a few days ago, and I leave next Thursday for Miami, where I'll spend a few days with her and her husband, and the following Monday, I'm scheduled to fly into Charles de Gaulle. After that, I am not so certain! My inamorato was going to try to look at apartments for me this week, but if he can't do it, I guess that will be the first item on my agenda. And then? Last year's move was work-related. This year, the company I work for is operating on fumes, my current work for them uncompensated, and during a severe recession, I am intentionally heading to a country where work visas for foreigners are almost impossible to attain in good years. At least the food and wine are good where I'm going!

I've been packing, repacking, taking care of last-minute paperwork and backing up and transferring files, giving as much attention as I can to my little midget cat, and handling last-minute house issues. Big headache. I'm zapped and need a little "down" time, so here I am!

On a contact's page, I mentioned one of the Asian countries rewriting its constitution from scratch, and couldn't remember which one! Bhutan is/was converting from Monarchy to a two-party democracy, but I think they've already put it in place:


But perhaps I was thinking of Nepal...

Urgh. My brain is fried already. Back to backing up!