Car wash

I washed and waxed my car yesterday, and I must say it looked good -- clean, shiny, smelling of Maguire's (that scent is almost lickable).

This morning, the pitter-patter of water hitting ground brought me to a gentle state of semi-wakefulness. Wiping the sleeep from my eyes, I threw on t-shirt and slippers and padded to the kitchen to start hot water for tea, then continued to the office down the hall, which faces the driveway, looked outside and saw... my car! Forgotten to put it in the garage last night. Grabbed keys, ran outside dressed only in t-shirt and flip-flops to save the wash job, but alas -- mud had splashed up from between the widely-spaced bricks and grime had splashed down from my neighbor's tree. I sprayed the ick off, parked in the garage and wiped it down.

Ran back into the house on numb feet just in time to answer the phone.

My boss: "Could you drive to the other side of the bay to pick something up?"

My heart sank as outside, the gentle shower turned into actual rain and the wind suddenly picked up. Couldn't tell him I'd just waxed my car and besides, I was cold, wet and wanted to hang up to jump into a scalding shower.

Me: "Sure, no problem."

I washed my car tonight...